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Increase design wins with ECAD symbols, footprints and 3D models. Engineers are 3X more likely to choose parts with models


Make your CAD models available on your website through the SnapEDA Viewer and drive more qualified and targeted traffic to your website by the syndication of your content through SnapEDA network


Gather valuable insights about how engineers are finding your products, and where they’re using them through our Analytics dashboard

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Provide symbols and footprints in more than 15 formats for better eval and purchase of your products

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Add your brand colors, logo, change the language & more through our sandbox in minutes to provide a custom experience

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Embed 1 line of JavaScript code to your product pages to enable the viewer instantly

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What our partners say

SnapEDA quality is only outshined by their speed! SnapEDA is the fastest I’ve worked with at both general symbol/footprint creation and implementation of innovative integrations

Daniel Williams
Chief Information Officer software development at Samtec Inc

The reason of why we work with SnapEDA is because of thir high-quality models, quick reponse regarding our additional requests, reasonable cost, powerful UI and their kind support

Myunghan Yoo
Digital Marketing at Murata

I've used SnapEDA for footprints and symbols for complex microcontrollers and saved myself hours of CAD time per part. At Screaming Circuits, we build dozens of different board designs each day, and footprint errors are one of the most common design problems we see. I've started recommending SnapEDA to our customers to help them avoid those problems.

Bhaaskar Lokhande
Chief Technology Champion/Marketing Manager, Screaming Circuits

Frequently Asked questions

What is SnapEDA?

SnapEDA is the first and leading search engine for electronics CAD data. Our library consists of millions of orderable parts, exports to all major design tools, and include datasheets, specs, pricing, and availability.

What EDA/CAD formats does SnapEDA's library support?

SnapEDA supports Cadence Allegro & OrCAD, Altium, Fusion360, CircuitStudio, Proteus, DipTrace, Eagle, KiCad, Mentor PADS, P-CAD, PCB123, Pulsonix, ExpressPCB, DesignSpark, Easy-PC, TARGET 3001!, CR-8000 and CR-5000.

What CAD data is supported on SnapEDA?

Our CAD libraries consist of PCB footprints, schematic symbols, and 3D models.

How can I get my data uploaded in SnapEDA?

Get your electronic component data everywhere through our Instapublish service to increase the visibility of your parts. You can upload symbols, footprints, 3D models in any format. You can also upload datasheets, images, specifications, simulation models, or anything else that would help engineers design with your parts.

What is the syndication program?

The syndication program is a subscription to the SnapEDA Premium Syndication network (PSN). This program includes different packages to help suppliers increase their presence in the market. If you want to learn more about the packages, please contact us at or schedule a call.

How does SnapEDA ensure the quality of the libraries?

All CAD models created by SnapEDA go through a rigorous verification process. The models are created based on standards pre-defined between the manufacturer and SnapEDA. Each model is then created based on those standards by SnapEDA’s Component Engineers. Next, each model is verified by a certified SnapEDA Component Verifier. Finally, the models are verified with SnapEDA’s patented automated verifier, this patent provides instant insight into manufacturability

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about SnapEDA, our pricing, features or the sign-up process, please contact us at You can also read our FAQ for more info.

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